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I am TOUGH !!

Happy Monday friends…!

This morning when I drove to work, like usually I listen to Joyce Myer. I like her because she always make me feel ready to deal with every day life. I remember before I used to be so depressed (well sometimes now I still feel like that too but not that bad )


I think what happen is believe it or not, the world that we lived in is so CRUEL and RUDE. People just barely think to open their mouth anymore especially to the children. “Verbal Abuse” what they called! That’s the most ridiculous and can make more damage than physical abuse. I remember when I was kid, I used to get this kind of abused and it really made me who I am before I decide ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!! I AM BEAUTIFUL AND TOUGH !!! And I AM !!

i'm beautiful

I used to think that I’m the only one in the world who’s been abuse like this but since I watch a lot of movies, I found out that there’s a lot of girls that been abuse like me. I just want to encourage other girls out there who read my blog and feel the same, don’t feel alone because you’re not alone. And DON’T LISTEN to whoever tell the “BS” about you because that’s NOT TRUE!! YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE !!! GOD create you PERFECT! GOD never make mistake!!! People who abuse other people usually because they have been abuse before, so they want to revenge but they take it the wrong way. It’s hard to forgive the person who abuse you but once you forgive them, it will set you free. For me, I forgive but I still can’t forget so I think I still in the process of trying to forgive (Oh GOD it’s hard to forgive :(…. it’s no JOKE! ) ya ya ya I still can NOT forgive 😛 … ( still trying) …


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Most people think that I weird but for me, I think I just different. I love to have fun but I also obsesses to be the best on everything and keep trying to make myself better. I really love Beauty and Fashion.
I am a nurse, a student, a travel agent, a daughter, and manager (for me, for my mom, and for my bf)


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